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In the past decade, several environmental organizations have joined forces with wildlife artists to raise awareness and funds for conservation.  Barry has participated in a number of these projects, traveling the globe with teams of international nature artists to create art which is then used to raise funds for conservation at the chosen sites. Click on the links at left to learn more about some of the recent projects Barry has taken part in, and to see some of the resulting artwork.

The projects Barry has taken part in were organized by The ARTISTS FOR NATURE FOUNDATION (ANF) in Holland, and the SOCIETY OF WILDLIFE ARTISTS (SWLA) in Great Britian. Here are the Projects Barry has participated in to date:

- ANF Project in Extremadura, SPAIN, February, 1994

- ANF Project in Wexford, IRELAND, June 1995

- ANF Tiger Project in central INDIA, November 1997

- ANF Forgotten Forest Project in PERU and ECUADOR, May/June 2003

- ANF Great Fen Project  in ENGLAND, August 2004

- SWLA Aig an Oir Project on the West Coast of SCOTLAND, Sept  2004

- ANF Hula Valley Project, northern Israel, March 2009



Artists from the U.S, Britian, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Africa and Israel were included in the March 2009 visit to the Hula Valley.