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originals for sale - botanicals

These pages will be updated with new paintings periodically.  Please note that prices are for framed and unframed originals, as specified.  Shipping costs and applicable taxes must be added to calculate the total price.   If you are interested in one of the originals below, contact me ( and I’ll send you complete information and a higher resolution image.  You are also invited to call Barry to arrange a visit to his studio in Princeton, Massachusetts, where there is always a wide selection of originals on display.

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Coltsfoot, w/c, 9 x 12”, $325.00 unframed

Hobblebush, w/c, 9 x 11”, $275.00 unframed

Bayberry Studies, Martha’s Vinyard, w/c, 10.25 x 13.75”, $375.00 unframed

Cardinal Flowers, Barnstable, w/c, 14 x 10”, $350.00 unframed

Cinnamon Fern Fiddleheads, w/c, 12.25 x 9”, $300.00 unframed

Bloodroot, w/c, 12 x 9”, $300.00 unframed

Chinadoxa, w/c, 9 x 12”, SOLD

Royal and Sensitive Ferns, w/c, 9 x 11”, $225.00 unframed

Mountain Laurel Trunks, w/c, 9 x 12”, $325.00 unframed

Ripe Goldenrod, Westminster, w/c, 10.25 x 14.25”, $225.00 unframed